Welcome to BigSharks Studio

BigSharks Studio, an organization with a mission to provide quality and timely delivery to its clients worldwide. We hold an in-depth knowledge and components to help stereoscopic 3D conversion pipeline function smoothly and efficiently. The studio is driven by some of the best minds from the industry, who have been through all the technological and functional booms this industry has seen in the last decade.

Recent Projects

Antman (Stereo Roto/Paint)
Edward elmhurst (VFX ROTO & Keying)
In the heart of the sea (Stereo Roto/Paint)
Monster Hunt (Stereo Roto)
Pan (Stereo Roto/Paint)
Paranormal Activity (Stereo Roto/Paint)
Pixels (Stereo Roto/Paint)
Terminator Genisys (Stereo Roto/Paint)